Seasons of my Star…

As the days are getting longer, and the temperatures begin to rise, thus becoming much more welcoming and pleasant, I feel that this atmosphere of serene rebirth, with trees in bloom, and the sun reflecting out of my window, is improving my already cheerful mood and giving me a renewed sense of positive energy. It […]

The Power That Moves Everything.

I previously spoke about music, in the first post of my blog, but this is a topic that is particularly dear to my heart, and I can’t help sharing it with you again, especially because it provides an explanation for the most part, at least on how such a special bond between two of the […]

Places #4 – Don’t Forget Me

Here we are again, with the fourth and final post dedicated to the evocative locations in the first book of this saga. I truly hope you are enjoying them, and feel as captivated as I felt the first time I had the chance to visit them. These places are not just an outer frame to […]

Places #2 – Don’t Forget Me

Hello everybody, welcome back to the second part of the post where I am showing and explaining the story behind the settings where the first book of the Don’t Forget Me saga takes place. After visiting together Boston University in Commonwealth Avenue, let’s move to Boylston Street, a central location where we find the famous […]

Places #1 – Don’t Forget Me

Hi guys! Starting today, I would like to add to my blog a few posts on a topic that I consider quite interesting and evocative, something that will help you feel involved even more deeply in this novel. I am talking about the places where the storyline and the twists of events of this saga […]

The deepest, most hidden side 2

After the hidden meaning behind the title of my novel was revealed in my previous blog post , the next logical step is to expand on the significance of the imagery on the book cover, as it is strictly connected, in fact, inseparable, from the title itself. It represents my favorite moment in the storyline, […]

The deepest, most hidden side

Don’t Forget Me is the title I have chosen for the first novel of this contemporary fantasy / romantic saga. Me will be the central theme of each novel, and this is the reason why I have decided to highlight its importance, by having it stand out on the cover page, in a larger, capitalized […]

In The Back Of The Pick-up

I want to thank all of you for the warmth you allowed me to feel. It has been with me all along, during these opening days of my literary adventure. I am just as grateful for the enthusiasm transpiring from your comments on the book’s Facebook page, and this is the reason why I decided […]

Strong emotions

As you can guess from the title, this week I have been going through some strong emotions, all of them felt, every single one of them, thanks to each one of you. To be precise, in this very moment, as I am writing to you all, I have lived them 1,386 times: one for each […]