I previously spoke about music, in the first post of my blog, but this is a topic that is particularly dear to my heart, and I can’t help sharing it with you again, especially because it provides an explanation for the most part, at least on how such a special bond between two of the main characters in Don’t Forget Me was able to develop.

If there is a way, in addition to my writing, which allows me to express and convey my feelings and emotions at their best, helping me release all of my tensions, it is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, my love for music. Listening to my favorite songs allows me to leave the rest of the world outside or, at times, welcome it in, perfectly intensified, when I am feeling in a particularly awesome mood.

Do you get the impression that this happens to you too?

In Don’t Forget Me, music holds the power to create a unique bond between Stella and Vuk. His guitar, playing ever more intense and melancholic rock songs, is somehow able to penetrate Stella’s inner soul in an unparalleled and incomparable fashion. Their relationship is founded on the songs they will both grow to love, and it is also thanks to those songs that their bond will keep getting stronger.

I am leaving you now with one of these songs, which, needless to say, I particularly love; as it has the power to turn around my day completely, each time I stumble upon it. And, sure enough, this is the very song that Vuk will dedicate to Stella, because she is his Angel.

A big hug



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