Stella Whitely
Stella is the main character, the protagonist. She is a cute girl, and a fine student in her first year of a Maste’s Program in Public Relations at Boston University COM. She lives in Medford, just six miles north-west of Boston. After school, she manages the Pats, a bar owned by her father, Jeff , together with Scott, a friend of Jeffs since their college days. The Pats is famous for its decoration’s theme, which honors the New England Patriots colors.

Mr Donn Brooks
He is an incredibly powerful businessman, his time exceptionally valuable. He is in charge of Brooks Financial Enterprise Inc., one of the most competitive companies in the US financial world, and a member of the Board of Directors of Council Capital Holding, a multimillionaire firm operating in the security sector, with branches all over the world. When Stella runs into him at The Pats, and not by chance, she feels irresistibly attracted to him. In his presence, she feels vulnerable, confused, in awe. He suddenly reappears on the scene, holding class at her university, and in the library where she studies. Strangely enough, he finds himself unable to resist her appeal as well. He wants her, and will bring her to submit to his own terms.

He is not the kind to indulge in sentimentalism, and he has a peculiar and craftily hidden erotic taste. He is a mysterious soul, a control freak, terribly possessive, and he is also a vampire, with his own past and his own needs. Will Stella be able to satisfy them? Will she succeed in unveiling the darkest secrets of this extremely handsome and damned stranger? His sharp features, his blue eyes, and his breathtaking smile can scorch the earth around. He is the embodiment of male perfect beauty.

Vuk Wolf
He enters Stellas life just a few months after her boyfriend, Jason Rees, left her without any apparent reason. Vuk loves rock music, and plays the semi-acoustic guitar divinely. He immediately develops an uncontrollable attraction for Stella, but as soon as she lets herself go and accepts his advances she meets Donn. Vuk is sexy, cheeky and powerfully self-confident. He eyes are a deep green, he wears his usual shrewd smirk, and his jeans are always draping around his loins in the most seductive way. He might look like any street thug, somehow a rebellious rock musician, but not as bad as his brother Drake. And just like him, he is a lycanthrope. But he has not learned to control his instincts, yet… One night a month he will not be able to help it: he will turn into a werewolf and, on that full-moon night he will always, somehow, find himself in the company of Stella.

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