Don’t Forget Me is the title I have chosen for the first novel of this contemporary fantasy / romantic saga.

Me will be the central theme of each novel, and this is the reason why I have decided to highlight its importance, by having it stand out on the cover page, in a larger, capitalized font, in the very center of the frame.

Don’t Forget Me holds, for me, a deep, intense meaning, as strong as the love between Stella and Jason. It will be around these two characters that the entire storyline will develop and unfold, and it is to them that the entire novel is dedicated. Better yet, to their love. And love, by nature, blossoms like a rose, and yet finds its torment in its thorns.

The story of Jason and Stella begins during term at Boston University, not too long after she moves from Italy to Medford, a humid and rainy small town in Massachusetts. An intense, perfect love, blossoms between the two. And yet, like most beautiful things, this kind of love can disappear the wink of an eye, fading away even before we know it. But they are committed to not give up on each other, when Jason, for a whole series of different circumstances, is forced to leave Stella.

He doesn’t know it yet, but a year will pass, from that horrible and cursed night, when, with a dismayed and lifeless look in his eyes, he did not offer her any explanation for his sudden and unexpected desertion. He will not lie to her. He will promise her that, one day, there will be words of explanation for everything.

Months go by, during which Jason survives with the hope of not losing her. He is always in touch with her, begging her to wait for his return. Their true love overcomes all distances, although Vuk Wolf, a werewolf, and Stellas best friend, with his shameless looks and a shrewd smile is working his way closer and closer to the girls heart.

Suddenly, Jason finds himself forced to draw closer to Stella ahead of time, when Mr. Donn Brooks, an elegant Bostonian (and a powerful vampire of ancient descent) casually enters Stellas life. Dazzled by the lure of this enigmatic and undaunted man, she is hopelessly attracted to him, and is not able to resist his magnetic and supernatural appeal, almost like a deer frozen in headlights.

This is where her descent into darkness will begin, and she will risk losing the light of a true and deepest love, now eroded by an endless wait and by all the time that has been taken away from them.

Jason wants to protect her. But, most of all, he does not want to lose her. This is why he will face the battle, albeit with great caution and care, afraid to hurt.

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