Don’t Forget Me, a sensual and romantic novel, a blend of erotic tension and passionate love.
Three simple words wrapping up the past few months of my life.
Nights, evenings, sacrifices, entire days spent writing, way into the ungodly hours of the night, to tell a story which I hope will engross you at least as much as it did me.
I have been accused, at times, of living in my own world: and to those I want to say that it is not always a fault. It is not, when the time you spend in your castle in the skies enables you to create something pure that comes straight out of your heart.
I love writing, I love this novel, and I love each single character in it, possibly some more than others, I have lived their lives… I have cried, jolted, and laughed with them. And I do thank them for the time we spent together and the emotions they allow me to feel day after day. They have been a part of my life and so, be it as it may, they are now a part of me, and will forever be in my heart.

But now, let’s move on to another exciting topic: Music.
I simply adore music! It recharges me, it excites me, it makes my heart beat faster. I am one with music, I do most of my things with it, I just could not live without it. I have listed here below a sample from the soundtrack that will move along with the story.
Don’t cry “Guns N’ Roses”

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