Here we are again, with the fourth and final post dedicated to the evocative locations in the first book of this saga.

I truly hope you are enjoying them, and feel as captivated as I felt the first time I had the chance to visit them. These places are not just an outer frame to the events of the novel; they have an influence on their twists and turns, thus transforming the emotions into even stronger and more vivid moments.

The old abandoned factory is a large structure, no longer in use, doomed to become the victim of times relentless degradation. It is here that Vuk Wolf spends all of the nights with a full moon. The building, just outside of Boston, near a stretch of road off the beaten track, is a dark and inhospitable place with cold walls crumbling in the ever present dampness. In Don’t Forget Me, Vuk will have no choice but to take Stella there with him, although he wishes he never would have had to do that. Will he be able to protect her from himself? The consequences of what will happen on that night will leave an unforgettable mark.


During that very night, with the bright full moon silhouetted in the sky, Stella runs away from the abandoned factory and manages to reach the main state road.

Her stalker, however, is getting closer and closer. He almost has her now… And, as if this were not terrifying enough, something stops her from continuing in her escape, which will all go up in smoke. And then the inevitable will happen.


Deep into the night, somebody picks up a defenseless and unconscious Stella in his arms, and rushes her, in his car, to the Massachusetts General Hospital. During the ride, the girl slowly comes back to her senses. Everything around her is blurred and confused, and yet she is able to recognize the face of her rescuer. She hears his tender words and feels the irresistible touch of his hand.


Stella’s house front porch. Here, the girl will experience unequaled and overwhelming emotions.


The road to Boston. Stella is always driving her Corvette along this stretch of highway into the city.


The image below shows the beautiful lights of Boston’s Financial District at twilight. From the tall skyscrapers of this sophisticated area, one can admire the breath-taking panorama of the Atlantic Ocean. It is, in fact, from the heights of the Brooks Financial Enterprise building, that Stella will enjoy this extraordinary scene, encircled in Donn’s tight embrace. And from here, the moment in which she feels her decision has finally been made, Jason will remind her of his promise…



This is the chain-link fence right outside Jamie’s house. In a scene of the novel Stella is walking absent-mindedly along the metal enclosure, watching the cars randomly parked down the street. She opens the light gate and, as she steps into the front yard, she feels somebody pull her towards him and force her naked legs against the cold metal, which begins to swing at the movement of their bodies.



The second to the last picture I chose for you shows the stage where Vuk performs, in the light of a single reflector, during the party at Jamie’s house. His stunning, slender body; his ripped jeans lowered on his hips; his intense and profound gaze always searching for Stella; his hair in front of his face as he pours the sound of his song out towards the participants.


Stella leans her back against the door of one of the rooms and listens to Vuk’s beautiful voice, as, in the distance, he sings Don’t Cry by Guns & Roses. And it is in that very moment that she finds an incredible blue flower on the windowsill in front of her. It is not just any flower: it is a Forget Me Not, and one of the petals is stained with a drop of blood. As the realization sinks in, overwhelming tears begin to pour down her face in the darkness of the room.


The last place I feel the need to mention one more time is the city of Boston. My heartfelt thank you goes to this wonderful city on the East Coast, in the state of Massachusetts. With its magical and welcoming atmosphere it has granted inspiration to my heart and mind to start working on the beginning of this passionate saga. And I can disclose in advance to you that, in the rain of its cold autumn season, the twists and turns of its storyline will only find resolution when we reach the words the end.

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