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I always think that somewhere there is a road that can somehow bring us together again. I always think of him at my side, every step I take, but hidden from me, blocked by something or someone. This somehow comforts me. I keep hoping that all of this has a meaning, but now my life […]

My first article

Don’t Forget Me, a sensual and romantic novel, a blend of erotic tension and passionate love. Three simple words wrapping up the past few months of my life. Nights, evenings, sacrifices, entire days spent writing, way into the ungodly hours of the night, to tell a story which I hope will engross you at least […]

The Characters #1

Stella Whitely Stella is the main character, the protagonist. She is a cute girl, and a fine student in her first year of a Maste’s Program in Public Relations at Boston University COM. She lives in Medford, just six miles north-west of Boston. After school, she manages the Pats, a bar owned by her father, […]