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welcome back to the second part of the post where I am showing and explaining the story behind the settings where the first book of the Don’t Forget Me saga takes place.

After visiting together Boston University in Commonwealth Avenue, let’s move to Boylston Street, a central location where we find the famous Boston Public Library, an old and influential historical site of the city, and the closest library to Stella’s university. It’s here that she goes to study after class with her friend Jamie and, most importantly, this is the place where she will have the chance to run into Donn again, and to get know him better, after their previous random encounters. Her goal will be the unveiling of what lies underneath the mask of the mysterious and reserved man who is so determined to win her heart.



Although the post is dedicated to the places where the events of this novel unfold, I still thought it was important to mention two of the vehicles that are crucial to the development and the progression of the plot, and which I employed to portray some of the main characters in Don’t Forget Me: Donn’s elegant automobile, that you can see here below, and Vuk wolf’s more rugged and beat up pick-up truck.

Let’s begin with Mr Brooks black Bentley Continental GT; its tinted windows, granting a higher privacy and protection from the outside world, reflect the formal distance the man is determined to keep from everybody, even if he doesn’t seem to be able to maintain the same kind of behavior when he is around Stella.

The girl notices this beautiful car for the first time while she is jogging down South Border Road, at the very beginning of the story. Stella will then have further chances to see the Bentley: she will be surprised to find it, a few days later, in front of the entrance of The Pats’, at the end of her shift, parked on the opposite side of the road. She spots it again as she leaves home to go to class, and, on the full-moon night, when angst will make her heart beat like crazy, that same car will appear waiting to reassure her and to turn into her ultimate lifeline.


Mugar Memorial Library on 771 Commonwealth Avenue is another major library where Stella studies for her masters classes with her friend Jamie. It will be among the narrow and crowded shelves of this quiet structure that Stella will experience her first sudden and intense encounter with Drake Wolf, Vuk’s bad brother. Drake has a piercing on his tongue and one in his ear. Just like his brother Vuk, he is a rebellious werewolf on the loose, and, just like his brothers, his attire is always shabby and dowdy. Stella feels tense and anxious in his presence, thus becoming the prey which awakens Draks hunting instincts. As a matter of fact, Drake immediately takes on the predators behavior, but he wants to tease the girl: he follows her, he provokes her, and purposely tries to always steal the scene. He wants to feel, and keep alive Stellas tension, in an initial, close contact, that Stella will not easily forget…


The second place I would like to introduce here is an open parking lot along Commonwealth Avenue, the boulevard where Boston University is located. This is where Stella usually parks her Corvette when she is attending lectures, or walking around this lively academic area of town. Most of the time, a parking lot is a cold and unwelcoming place, so you might be wondering why I chose to list it among the sites of the story that deserve a mention in this post. In my experience, very often it is not the exterior appearance of a place in itself that matters, but rather the emotions that we are enticed to feel. Here, Stella will experience unique and captivating sensations with both the Wolf brothers.  She will be exposed to a second, delirious, and adrenaline-filled encounter with Drake that will keep her on constant edge. She still doesn’t know that the confident and surly guy is, in reality, Vuks bother and by now Vuk has become something more that just her best friend.

And this is the open parking lot where, a few days earlier, the girl had experienced some deep and unmatched emotions with Vuk, during a fervent evening filled with pure excitement, under a pouring rain that showed no intention to slow down.


And finally, here we are, in Vuk’s pick-up truck! This is the vehicle Vuk uses to take Stella to the famous parking lot, away from Donn, on the very night when true antagonism sparks between the two, both determined to become the one who will conquer Stella’s heart. In the back of his pick-up truck, Vuk will indeed become serious with the girl, touching her for the first time with much more purpose, definitely not wanting to be just her friend anymore. For the last time, Stella will drive the pick-up in the full moon night in order to escape from the abandoned factory.





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