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Starting today, I would like to add to my blog a few posts on a topic that I consider quite interesting and evocative, something that will help you feel involved even more deeply in this novel. I am talking about the places where the storyline and the twists of events of this saga are going to unfold.

The best place to start from is certainly Medford, the peaceful small town where Stella Whitely, the main character in the story, lives and works. Medford is a cute little town in Massachusetts, located right outside of Boston, about six miles to the north-west. Everything begins right here, on South Border Road, a long tree-lined stretch of asphalt, with a few houses scattered here and there.

As daylight begins to fade, Stella is jogging back towards her Corvette. She is thinking about Jason while her feet tread rapidly on the grey surface of the road. It is there that, for the first time, she will catch a glimpse of Mr. Donn Brooks.

In Medford, Stella is basically living alone at her fathers home. Jeff Whitely, a successful investor, is always gone, all over the United States, to take care of his business. Stella’s mother, Monica Balti, is a camera operator, filming documentaries in just about every other corner of the world.

And so, Stella, to fight against the silence and the emptiness of that house, is often inviting over her best friend, Vuk Wolf.

Her dad’s white little house, with a quaint little yard overlooking the street, has a cute porch in the front. The kitchen door is on the back. A short driveway allows Stella to park her Corvette near the entrance door. The living room is located on the left of the kitchen and the stairs. Her father’s office and the rest of the rooms are on the top floor. Most of the time Vuk makes his appearance popping into Stella’s bedroom window, which is right above the branches of the tall tree in the garden.



In this peaceful little town of the East Coast, besides studying for a Masters degree in Public Relations, Stella manages her fathers pub, The Pats, which displays the colors of the England Patriots to honor the famous American football team. Stella helps with the tables and behind the counter, along with Bryan Austin, a blond guy who takes advantage of every little chance he gets to show his interest for her. Stella manages the venue with the help of Scott Emerson, a long-time friend of Jeff Whitelys. The two had met during their college years, and always shared their love for the New England Patriots. The Pats is also the place where Stella will get to run into Mr. Brooks for the second time. She will engage in a fascinating conversation with this mysterious man in the back of the bar, and yet she will not able to feel at ease during the entire time with him. In fact, she will feel anxious and on edge, so much so as to even glance at the chance to escape from the back door. The scene will be bluntly interrupted by Vukss sudden arrival.


Stella is in her first year of a Master=s Degree in Public Relations at Boston University; more precisely, she studies at the College of Communications, on 640 Commonwealth Avenue, one of Boston=s long and central arterial roads. She is taking her classes sitting at the same desk where, a few years earlier, she had fallen in love with Jason Rees while studying for her undergraduate degree.

In one of her graduate courses, she meets Jamie Keats, a fun brunette, and they immediately hit it off. It is exactly in one of those large classrooms that Stella will run into Mr. Donn Brooks, again, in completely unexpected circumstances: he is there with the role of professor, invited by the university to hold a few lectures, the very first one of which is going to be for one of Stella’s courses.


To be continued…


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