As the days are getting longer, and the temperatures begin to rise, thus becoming much more welcoming and pleasant, I feel that this atmosphere of serene rebirth, with trees in bloom, and the sun reflecting out of my window, is improving my already cheerful mood and giving me a renewed sense of positive energy.

It has been more than six months since Don’t Forget Me, the first introductory novel of my saga, was published. A relatively short period when we compare it to the span of a lifetime, and yet, so intense for me, as to make me feel that time was dilated because of all the changes that this event has brought into my life. Emotions, challenges, a 24 hour schedule; however, if I had to sum it up in one word, my choice for it would be: growth.

And yes, even if publishing a book might seem like a point of arrival, it is actually just the beginning of a path that, once chosen and followed, entails a series of lessons to learn and difficulties to confront, which, in the end, make me feel much more mature than when I began.

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