As you can guess from the title, this week I have been going through some strong emotions, all of them felt, every single one of them, thanks to each one of you. To be precise, in this very moment, as I am writing to you all, I have lived them 1,386 times: one for each of your Likes on my books Facebook page.

Seeing how my first chapter encountered your approval, and speaking to some of you in these past few days, has been for me the most exciting thing ever! It was priceless! This is the reason why I made it the subject of todays article. I care very much about this first chapter, and I value immensely every single one of your comments. I do thank everyone of You. My most heartfelt thanks, to all of you!

So, while we are at it, and because I believe much more in feelings than in formalities, why not start thanking you one by one?

R Aryo Dewa Cinta you are great! Coming up with such a touchy comment by simply blending (and tagging) the book title and the title of a song. It was just brilliant! You made my day! By the way, I Will Remember you… Were you referring more to a classical piece by Sarah McLachlan, to My Venus, Uranus, to Ryan Cabrera, or to the O’Neill Brothers? (a piano masterpiece that gives you goosebumps, in my opinion). I especially like the sound of the piano, even though those bad boys, Vuk and Drake, respectively play the semi-acoustic guitar and the bass. Vuk starts playing from the first chapter, but Drake will be too busy chasing Stella to hit the strings of his bass. He’s in Medford for a specific reason. Not to play his favorite instrument, not to greet his brother he had not seen for a long time, but for Her, His predatory instinct wakes up, and instantly comes to life as soon as he catches a glimpse of her among the bookshelves of the Mugar Memorial Library.

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